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Antique floorProduct Details

Antique floor

1. Pure manual carving: pure manual carving, with uniform depth, strong three-dimensional sense and rich changes, can better reflect the different styles of each sculptor and publicize the sails of Baroque personality.

2. Board surface effect: the board surface effect is very good and there are few pinholes. It requires pure manual operation by the engraver. The action is very slow and it is not easy to damage the board surface. After engraving, it is manually ground with fine sandpaper. The board surface is more round and smooth, making people's vision and foot feel more comfortable and comfortable

3. Pure manual color wiping: the board colors are all manually rubbed. Different personal techniques make the color of the board look very realistic after absorption, giving people the feeling that there are thousands of forms and different changes, which can better interpret the baroque style.

4. The six sides of the floor shall be sealed without moisture absorption, expansion, distortion and deformation

5. The base material is alpine hardwood with a density of more than 0.65g/cm3 to ensure that the floor has sufficient compressive strength and good thermal conductivity

The antique style is far from simply imitating the natural texture for the flooring industry. It is to realize the natural attributes of wood products accumulated over time after being affected by nature on the basis of showing the essential characteristics of wood. The popular antique flooring on the market mainly has several styles, such as hand scraping, wire drawing, spot section and so on. The use of antique style flooring pursues a pure natural feeling. Compared with the previous wood flooring, the antique style flooring is much thicker. Its colors are changeable, mainly heavy and dark. On the basis of retaining the wood's own texture, it artificially adds "disharmony" elements such as spots and surface ups and downs. What it shows is a feeling of plain face facing the sky. It firmly believes that only the unification contains non-uniform elements can make the floor truly realize the natural feeling, and the uniform design, color and texture can only produce the suspicion of flow work. In order to realize the antique effect of the floor, the floor production enterprise should add a process before the floor is painted, that is, manual carving. The largest manufacturer of hand-made flooring in China has more than 1000 hand carvers, who scratch and polish without stop, and can achieve a production capacity of 200000 square meters per month. People vividly call them masters in the flooring industry. Each of them should receive professional training before entering the factory. They can use 10 kinds of knives to realize 10 kinds of knife paths and scrape and carve 10 styles of floors. The person in charge of the factory said that only in the hand scraping floor workshop, they have 462 kinds of knives, that is, 462 kinds of knife paths to achieve 462 kinds of hand scraping effects.