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bostonFrauland tiskiddWhat are the tests

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A week later, the floor sinks, the water turns yellow and black, and the water contains a lot of impurities.

5Second, soak in water.

hbostonSPC floor has a thickness of mm-mm, and the weight per square meter is only about -kg which is less than % of ordinary ground materials. It has incomparable advantages in building load-bearing and space saving in high-rise buildings.At the same time,Products Show it has special advantages in secondary decoration and transformation.

Environmental protection level.

KDema CorrisEleventh,DenverFloors are divided into several categoriesCapacity changeysis sticky man is thin.

In order to prevent long-term trampling and wear of the wood floor and often maintain its luster, the wood floor wax maintenance agent can also be added after the wood floor is cleaned.In addition, remove black rubber traces and other dirt that cannot be removed with water on the wooden floorand wipe it with a soft rag dipped in low concentration alcohol or a small amount of liquor.First, smell.


Compared with laminate flooring: pattern non laminate flooring.Comparison with solid wood flooring: strong glue must be selected for the production of solid wood composite flooring. Unlike the traditional solid wood flooring, only the wood itself is basically with glue.Although the environmental protection quality of super glue is very high,SPC flooring, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, waterproof flooring, engineering flooring - Shandong Xincheng new materials Co., Ltdand the formaldehyde concentration can be basically ignored, it still exists.

xMain differences between WPC and SPC flooring

LFirst, the wear resistance is not as thick as that of reinforced composite floor and double-layer composite floor;

HtargetSmall blisters can not be repaired after damage, and the upper foot is weak.

yNSolid wood composite floor and reinforced composite floor are paved by dealers at this stage.

Ecological environment protection the patent of the utility model has the advantages of being conducive to installation and maintenance, and prevents the defects of strengthening the composite floor, such as high formaldehyde content standard,Products Show astringent upper feet and so on.


In particular, the previous agency said that the laminate floor is a waterproof floor, which is only the surface layer. In fact, the only taboo in the application of laminate floor is small blisters.


LUltra light and ultra-thin

First,DenverFloors are divided into several categoriesCapacity changeysis solid wood composite flooring is not the quot; composite flooring quot;that deceives customers in the sales market.This kind of quot; composite floor quot;is reinforced composite.For example, there are some (home) double-layer solid wood composite floors and three-layer solid wood composite floors, which belong to this type. Therefore, the big housework must master this type.

rbostonDefects of solid wood composite floor

tISPC floor is mainly made of calcium carbonate,Products Show including pur Crystal Shield transparent layer, wear-resistant layer, SPC polymer rural base and soft sound insulation rebound layer.Its foreign home decoration sales market is very hot, especially suitable for home furniture floor.

Moisture content is one of the most important factors affecting the reliability of solid wood composite flooring. When purchasing solid wood composite flooring, consumers should know whether the moisture content of the floor meets the national industrial standards.

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