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Decoration floor

Is the decoration floor or ceramic tile good?

1、 The floor is slightly single. Rich ceramic tiles: bright color, various patterns and different specifications, so the design can give full play to the effect. Floor care, labor and money saving: the construction process is constant and has unified technical standards.

2、 Visual sense: the floor gives people a good affinity; Tiles give life a hard feeling. Thermal insulation performance: the thermal insulation of the floor is, and the thermal insulation performance of ceramic tiles is relatively poor.

3、 Personal protection: ceramic tiles are more harmful to the elderly and children than the floor. Cleaning and maintenance: there are gaps in the floor, so oil and water stains enter the gaps, which will cause serious damage to the floor, while ceramic tiles are almost harmless.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of decorated floor and ceramic tile?

1、 Advantages of wood flooring for home decoration

1. Beautiful and natural, pollution-free wood is natural. Its growth rings and texture can often form a beautiful picture and give people a feeling of returning to nature. It is unique in both texture and color and is deeply loved by people. Wood is a typical green product. It has no pollution source. Some wood has aromatic tincture, which can send out a healthy and soothing aroma. It is safe to use and has good decorative effect.

2. Compared with metal building materials and stone materials, light and hard wood is more convenient for transportation and laying. According to the experimental results, the tension resistance of pine is 3 times that of steel, 25 times that of concrete, 50 times that of manpower, and 4 times that of marble. After the solid wood floor made of wood is paved on the ground, it can better reflect its advantages.

3. Easy to process wood can be sawed, planed, chipped, cut and even nailed at will, so the wood floor has reprocessability unmatched by other materials. For example, it can be painted into various colors and maintain the original patterns, which can create rich and colorful effects. The wood is not easy to conduct heat, and can absorb and evaporate the moisture in the air, so as to maintain the indoor air humidity within the comfortable range.

4. It is not easy to dewing. Because the moisture absorption and humidity regulation performance of wood is stronger than that of metal, stone and concrete, when the weather is wet or the temperature drops, there will be no "sweating" phenomenon like water droplets on the surface. In this way, when wood is used as wood floor, it will not make the ground slippery because of moisture, resulting in unnecessary trouble.

5. Strong durability. The seismic resistance and corrosion resistance of wood are not inferior to other building materials. Many famous old buildings still stand as before after thousands of years of wind and rain. Many former wooden captains were soaked in water and are still strong today, as are wooden floors.

6. To mitigate the impact, the impact and resistance of wood and human body are softer and more natural than other building materials, which is beneficial to human health and helps to protect the living safety of the elderly and children.

2、 Disadvantages of wood flooring:

1. Due to the slow regeneration of wood, the price is high; If the wood is dried evenly, it is easy to dry shrinkage, wet expansion, warpage and deformation; Poor wear resistance and easy corrosion. Prevent dust from wearing the floor in use;

2. The installation and maintenance are complex. The keel shall be made before installation and shall be maintained regularly during use. Generally, wax shall be applied once a month. At ordinary times, it shall be cleaned and wiped at any time, and the indoor humidity shall be adjusted at any time to avoid cracking due to humidity change.

3、 Advantages and disadvantages of home decoration ceramic tile

1. Disadvantages of ceramic tiles ceramic tiles mainly have four disadvantages: family comfort, poor thermal insulation; The use area is limited; Individual ceramic tiles will have radioactive pollution; The cost is high, the pavement is complex, the construction is cumbersome, and the labor cost is more: 35-40 yuan / m2. Viewpoint: the ceramic tile is hard on the soles of the feet, and it doesn't feel so warm. Especially in wet weather, it is easy to slip, and the use area of ceramic tiles is limited. The unit price of glazed tiles is about 30 yuan per square meter, and that of full-length tiles is about 50 yuan per square meter. At present, the price of domestic floor tiles can reach more than 300 yuan per square meter. In addition, the cost of auxiliary materials and labor for pavement is about 35-40 yuan per square meter.

2. Advantages of ceramic tiles there are five main reasons why ceramic tiles are popular: easy to clean, simple maintenance, not easy to hide pollution and no air pollutants; Long service life, generally 10-20 years; Good fire prevention, waterproof and anti-corrosion performance; Environmental protection; Rich styling. Viewpoint: if you want enough convenience, choose floor tiles. In any building materials market, floor tiles of various sizes, colors and patterns are sold. You can spell out your vision for family life with floor tiles one by one. Moreover, the floor tiles are very convenient to take care of. They can be very clean after sweeping and wiping. Floor tiles don't have to worry about getting wet by water or being scratched by hard objects.