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Engineered FlooringProduct Details

Engineered Flooring

The flooring specially used for large-scale projects belongs to laminate flooring, but the indicators are lower than those used in families. The density of engineering flooring is generally lower, and the substrate is large in granular shape, which is not as delicate and uniform as qualified plates; The fine wood grain of the process board is blurred, and the stripe is not as clear as the qualified board. For its wear resistance, it can also be detected by pressing ordinary sandpaper by hand. The qualified plate will not show flower marks after grinding for more than 10 circles.

Laminate floor is commonly known as "Diamond Board", and the standard name is "impregnated paper laminated wood floor". Laminate floor is generally composed of four layers of composite materials, namely wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer and balance (moisture-proof) layer.

Advantages of laminate flooring

Compared with the traditional solid wood floor, the size is large;

There are many varieties of designs and colors, which can simulate various natural or artificial patterns;

The overall effect of the paved ground is good;

Uniform color and good visual effect;

Compared with the solid wood floor, the surface wear resistance is high (the solid wood reaches the national standard wear resistance: about 300 turns, and the reinforced reaches the national standard wear resistance: more than 4000 turns), with higher flame retardant performance, strong pollution and corrosion resistance, and good compression and impact resistance;

Easy to clean and care;

Good dimensional stability, so it can ensure that the gap between floors is small and not easy to arch during use; The laying is convenient and the price is cheap.

Disadvantages of laminate flooring

Compared with the solid wood floor, this kind of floor has a slightly worse foot feeling due to its high density (the density of reinforced floor is 880g / cm3, and the air dry density of solid wood floor is 780-1000g / cm3);

The product has poor repairability and must be replaced in case of damage;

Due to the use of formaldehyde adhesive in the production process, this kind of floor has a certain formaldehyde emission problem. If the formaldehyde emission exceeds a certain standard, it will have a certain impact on human health and pollute the environment.