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Environmentally friendly floorProduct Details

Environmentally friendly floor

It is said that formaldehyde is the first killer of indoor pollution. Among all the materials used in decoration, the highest formaldehyde emission is undoubtedly all kinds of adhesive. In the manufacturing process of the floor, especially the floor that needs to bond the floor substrate and skin with glue, such as solid wood composite floor, the environmental protection performance of the glue directly affects the environmental protection of the floor. In the real wood composite floor production plant of living floor, we see that all solid wood composite floors use an environmental protection adhesive developed by Finland Taier company. It is understood that this adhesive can ensure that the formaldehyde emission of the pressed floor is within E1 level. It has fast curing speed and high bonding strength. It can be cured at room temperature or high frequency. The adhesive does not contain formaldehyde Phenol, heavy metals and other harmful components, and the storage period is long, which is suitable for gluing of common tree species. High solid content is an important characteristic of environmental protection and energy-saving adhesive. This characteristic can fully ensure the firm adhesion of floor substrate and skin, and ensure that the emission of formaldehyde is within the environmental protection standard. In addition to the adhesive for pressing, the paint used for floor edge sealing and coloring is another indicator of its environmental protection performance. When purchasing the floor, consumers should ask whether the purchased floor is colored with environmental protection paint to determine the degree of environmental protection of the floor. As for the edge sealing paint, according to the person in charge of the living floor factory, the chemical element benzene is one of the components, and benzene is harmful to human body, but consumers don't have to worry about it, because the volatilization rate of benzene is very fast, and it will continue to volatilize in the process of floor edge sealing and post-treatment, Therefore, it has almost no adverse impact on the health of consumers who buy floors. For workers who are working, the factory also needs a special edge sealing waste gas treatment and emission system to ensure the health of workers.