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Integrated wallboardProduct Details

Integrated wallboard

1、 What are the advantages of integrated panel wallboard

1. The advantage of integrated wallboard is that the labor cost is relatively low and the color is relatively diversified. Compared with ordinary decoration, it will save a lot of cost in labor.

2. In terms of materials, compared with wallpaper, integrated wallboard has relatively large sealing performance, good moisture-proof performance, and will not mildew and fall off in a humid environment. Moreover, the integrated wallboard is very waterproof, and the surface of the integrated cost is equivalent to paint, but the integrated wallboard is more environmentally friendly than paint.

3. After pasting the integrated wallboard, people can move in directly without any harm to the human body. When using the integrated wallboard, they can choose to splice according to the customer's own needs, which will make it more fashionable and healthy.

4. The integrated board is not only fashionable, but also very healthy. It also has certain effects of fire prevention, moisture-proof, moth proof, acid and alkali proof and anti-aging.

2、 What are the disadvantages of integrated boards

1. The disadvantage of integrated board is poor heat transfer and conductivity and high risk.

2. If you are affected with moisture for a long time, the integrated board will also mildew and fall off. Water droplets will appear on the wall of the integrated board in plum rain season. The service life of the integrated board is not very long. Basically, the service life of the integrated board does not exceed 10 years.