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Jisrash shughurDamp proof wood floorFalling prices slightly loose

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A good paper cutter can be used to

7Beautiful: it can simulate all kinds of wood grain, design and color on the computer.

bJisrash shughurIf you want to polish a lot of things, you can minimize the spread of dust in the whole house by closing the door and covering it with plastic cloth, tarpaulin and tape.Hardwood floors often need to be polished during installation.

What is their price level?The price of reinforced wood floor is generally between - yuan. If it is engineering plate, it will be cheaper.But the price is also related to well-known brands. If it s family decoration, it s better to choose a better one.Solid wood composite floor changes the previous physical structure and has more reliable performance.In terms of price it is cheaper than solid wood flooring and belongs to medium-sized consumer goods.Pavemen

LLinzBecause SPC floor is composed of wear-resistant layer,Products Show mineral rock layer powder and polymer powder,Badr hunaynConstruction technology of prestressed concrete floor slabCorrect maintenance, you know of course, it is not afraid of water. There is no need to worry about the deformation and mildew of home floor due to small blisters.The actual effect of waterproof and mildew removal is very good, so the bathroom, restaurant,kitchen and living balcony can be used.

Ng: I can t tell the taste. The domestic price of this floor is more than yuan;

Wear resistance: generally, it is about ~ times that of coated wood floor.


id wood composite floor plate adopts double plate composite type, and the wood chemical fiber is bent into a network structure and laminated. Various thermal stresses of wood are integrated into multiple plates to ensure the flatness and stability of the wood floor and preserve the beauty of the solid wood floor

zes using wall mounted furnace to heat floor heating.SPC floor overcomes the defects of stone, terrazzo, ice,Products Show cold and slippery. It is the first choice for floor heating and heat conduction floor.With the passage of time, WPC (waterproof core)wood flooring is occupying the market.This floor is very important.It is not only waterproof but also durable.

UMoisture content is one of the most important factors affecting the reliability of solid wood composite flooring. When purchasing solid wood composite flooring, it accepts the unique characteristics of wood, which is easy to arch and deform.Production and processing of composite flooring is generally not easy to happen.

gODefects of solid wood composite floor

From the surface of the floor, the solid wood floor can be polished and painted again even if the surface is damaged because it is the whole piece of wood.Tianhe floor adopts Jianfu paint, which is wear-resistant, scratch resistant, excellent surface performance, and greatly prolongs the service life of the


Defects of solid wood composite floor

technical serviceqyou can wipe it with a mop.If you want to maintain the continuous brightness of the floor, you only need to polish and wax on time.Generally speakingpolishing and waxing on the floor can be applied for months and months on the floor with large passenger flow. Its maintenance frequency is much less than that of other floors.In the decoration of new houses,Products Show but over time some roads in the home are fully covered with wooden floors, the wooden floors are very easy to deform,Badr hunaynConstruction technology of prestressed concrete floor slabCorrect maintenance, you knowcurl edges and are not waterproof. Now such raw materials are particularly popular abroad. The real indoor formaldehyde is not deformed. No wonder it is popular ~.

FThose who need sound insulation should choose WPC instead of SPC vinyl flooring.WPC is excellent in this kind of insulation.Its thickness enables it to absorb sound.For this reason, you will definitely make a walking sound.

Advantages of solid wood composite floor:

iJisrash shughurCompared with laminate flooring: pattern non laminate flooring.Comparison with solid wood flooring: strong glue must be selected for the production of solid wood composite flooring. Unlike the traditional solid wood flooring, only the wood itself is basically with glue.Although the environmental protection quality of super glue is very high,and the formaldehyde concentration can be basically ignored, it still exists.

wEThe double composite solid wood floor adopts double-layer solid wood pressing. It feels like pure natural wood. The installation and maintenance is very simple. It is suitable for floor heating, beautiful and generous, good reliability, and contains a small amount of indoor formaldehyde.

Laminate flooring reaches grade B and has higher flame retardant performance,SPC flooring, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, waterproof flooring, engineering flooring - Shandong Xincheng new materials Co., Ltd which is safer than other kinds of wood flooring.First, low carbon and environmental protection.

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