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KravotskDo floor exercisesThe market rebounded after falling

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Because SPC floor is composed of wear-resistant layer, mineral rock layer powder and polymer powder of course, it is not afraid of water. There is no need to worry about the deformation and mildew of home floor due to small blisters.The actual effect of waterproof and mildew removal is very good, so the bathroom, restaurant,kitchen and living balcony can be used.

9The cross-section of the floor is rubbed with a file to generate heat in the cross-section,Products Show and formaldehyde is fully volatilized (formaldehyde is accelerated at more than degrees,Phra Nakhon Si AyutthayaDifference between laminated floor and solid wood composite floorGrinding improvement of and you can smell the pungent smell at the same time). At this time, you can smell, the floor is hard and the surface color changes, so it is generally paved indoors and on the ground where the sun is not direct. The storage temperature is preferably ℃ ~ ℃. In order to prolong the service life of the floor paint cloth and maintain a long-term

easy care.

XTugateFirst, solid wood composite flooring is not the quot; composite flooring quot;that deceives customers in the sales market.This kind of quot; composite floor quot;is reinforced composite.For example, there are some (home) double-layer solid wood composite floors and three-layer solid wood composite floors, which belong to this type. Therefore, the big housework must master this type.

OrEighth, sticky man is thin.


Stable quality and not easy to damage: the sol

oUV layer: the coating formed after UV oil is cured with curing agent,Products Show which can prevent the volatilization of chemicals in the plate by UV.[]

VIn order to prevent long-term trampling and wear of the wood floor and often maintain its luster, the wood floor wax maintenance agent can also be added after the wood floor is cleaned.In addition, remove black rubber traces and other dirt that cannot be removed with water on the wooden floor,and wipe it with a soft rag dipped in low concentration alcohol or a small amount of liquor.First, smell.

AProduct surveyLook at the moisture content.

jKLaminate flooring reaches grade B and has higher flame retardant performance, which is safer than other kinds of wood flooring.First, low carbon and environmental protection.

The fire safety performance of SPC floor and homogeneous transparent waterproof coiled material floor shall meet the national industry standard gb-b, only second to marble.


ich is integrated without production and processing. Of course, it accepts the unique characteristics of wood, which is easy to arch and deform.Production and processing of composite flooring is generally not easy to happen.

Meticulous workmanshipuis,Products Show the sliding friction will increase, and the ground anti-skid performance will be very good.It also has high wear resistance.Even if the floor is rubbed back and forth with a steel wire brush,Phra Nakhon Si AyutthayaDifference between laminated floor and solid wood composite floorGrinding improvement of there will be no scratches, and the service life is more than years.Moreover SPC floor is very light, which is % of the raw materials of general floor. It can reasonably save the height width ratio of indoor space and reduce the bearing capacity of the floor.The SPC floor does not swell and deformwith a net weight of only -kg per square meter,and does not need to be maintained in the middle and later stages. There is a sound insulation and noise reduction layer at the bottom,and the actual effect of sound insulation and noise reduction is also very good.There are many kinds of floors used in interior decoration. Community owners who have experience in interior decoration should know that different kinds of floors have different home decoration effects. Which kind of floor is better?Let s take a look at the types of solid wood composite flooring.

CWear resistance, wear resistance Grade T

Good fire resistance.

xKravotskWhen using liquid spray waxing, shake the container containing floor wax first and stir it fully and evenly.Before waxing the wooden floor of the whole room, local trial must be carried out in inconspicuous places such as corners of the room to confirm whether there are abnormalities.In order to prevent floor wax from polluting walls,SPC flooring, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, waterproof flooring, engineering flooring - Shandong Xincheng new materials Co., Ltdskirting lines and furniture, the above parts must be covered with adhesive tape paper.Fully soak the floor wax with a clean rag. It s best not to fall off.

pWAdvantages of solid wood composite floor;

nd the light color floor looks spacious and bright for rooms with small area; Second, rooms with large area or sufficient light look bright with floors of different colors; Third, the light color mild floor in the large living room can create a bright atmosphere, and the warm tone floor in the bedroom; Third, the color of furniture can be mixed with medium color floor, and the color of furniture can be mixed with warm tone floor.

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