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KwaganuColor floorWhat are the vibration reduction methods

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The double composite solid wood floor adopts double-layer solid wood pressing. It feels like pure natural wood. The installation and maintenance is very simple. It is suitable for floor heating, beautiful and generous, good reliability, and contains a small amount of indoor formaldehyde.

8hnology is highly regulated; Its structure is complicated, its quality varies greatly, and its essential quality is not easy to distinguish;

lKwaganuf the ground lacquer cloth,Products Show or if there is any defect of the transparent wear-resistant film on the surface,ShinagawakuColor change of wood floorIndustry market reasons it is the qualified product, otherwise it is the unqualified product. Finally,carefully check whether there is deviation in the multi-color overprint on the surface, whether there is color difference in different parts, if there are the above two defects, but if there is no obvious,it is the first-class productProducts that obviously have the above defects but do not affect the overall beauty are judged as qualified products. Finally, the appearance quality of ground lacquer cloth is determined based on the above judgment. When selecting ground lacquer cloth,first smell whether it has pungent smell. There will be a slight smell after the good coil is opened,Products Show and the smell of inferior products is stronger;secondly, calculate the use area, and the same room should be selectedCoiled materials with the same batch number, pattern and thickness. When purchasing carefully observe the appearance quality, open a roll of ground lacquer cloth separate the ends for a few meters, the surface layer is thick,the wear-resistant layer is thick, and the service time is long, and then observe whether there are cracks, fractures,Products Show wrinkles, bubbles and large defects;whether the cross section is layered and cracked;whether the pattern is open,ShinagawakuColor change of wood floorIndustry market reasons missing, lack of film and overprint deviationDefects such as color difference, color difference and pollution.

When choosing wood flooring in , customers attach great importance to quality.Although the solid wood floor is good, the maintenance is very complicated.In , all stores released high wear-resistant solid wood flooring.It is said that this kind of floor not only has the characteristics of high wear resistance and general solid wood floorbut also has strong coating adhesion, high definition, good corrosion resistance,SPC flooring, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, waterproof flooring, engineering flooring - Shandong Xincheng new materials Co., Ltd not easy to crack and paint.

OTarawadiA week later, the floor sinks, the water turns yellow and black, and the water contains a lot of impurities.

MhDeformation level.

Defects of solid wood composite floor


: Pungent taste if it is the floor with this taste, it means that it contains a lot of formaldehyde. Be careful when choosing, and you d better not buy it;

eLacquer cloth green ( piece)

IRich colors and patterns.

UQuality improvementSolid wood composite floor gives consideration to strengthening the stability of the floor and the beautiful and generous solid wood floor, which has the advantage of environmental protection.

aDThird, look.

Fifth, strong ground anti-skid.


The surface color of solid wood composite floor shall be determined according to the decoration area, furniture color and overall decoration design style of the customer s home. First, the dark brown floor looks simple for rooms with large area or sufficient light, a

Credit guaranteesSelect well-known brands;


XIII. Convenient maintenance.

iKwaganuIn particular, the previous agency said that the laminate floor is a waterproof floor, which is only the surface layer. In fact, the only taboo in the application of laminate floor is small blisters.

eIThe surface layer of SPC floor has been solved by pur Crystal Shield, with good thermal insulation performance. It will not be cold even if barefoot steps on it. It is very comfortable. Coupled with the rebound technical layer, it has good flexibility.Even if you keep bending degrees, you don t have to worry about falling pain. It is especially suitable for homes with elderly and children.SPC floor will be very astringent in case of water, that

Ecological environment protection the patent of the utility model has the advantages of being conducive to installation and maintenance, and prevents the defects of strengthening the composite floor, such as high formaldehyde content standard astringent upper feet and so on.

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