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MemphisFrobrandCommon faults and troubleshooting

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Ecological environment protection the patent of the utility model has the advantages of being conducive to installation and maintenance, and prevents the defects of strengthening the composite floor, such as high formaldehyde content standard, astringent upper feet and so on.

1SPC floor is mainly made of calcium carbonate, color film layer wear-resistant layer, SPC polymer rural base and soft sound insulation rebound layer.Its foreign home decoration sales market is very hot,Products Show especially suitable for home furniture floor.

iMemphisSPC floor has special anti-skid property. The more it meets water,El-PasoFlorence Arthur brandSuitable for industrial construction the more astringent it is. Even if you wear running shoes with nails, you won t leave scratches on the floor.

Two layers of solid wood composite floor.

BNandadSince the wear-resistant layer on the surface of the strengthened ground has good wear resistance, compression resistance impact resistance, fire and flame retardancy, chemical pollution resistance and other properties, in daily use, it only needs to be cleaned with a twisted dry rag, mop or vacuum cleaner. If the ground is greasy and dirty, wh

In addition,Products Show there are impact resistance, anti-static, anti environmental pollution, anti sunlight, anti smoke, easy installation, easy maintenance, etc.


Laminate floor is composed of wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, base material and balance layer.The wear-resistant layer,Products Show decorative layer and balance layer are manually printed. The base material is made of fast-growing forest materials, which is lower than that of solid wood floor. At the same time,El-PasoFlorence Arthur brandSuitable for industrial constructionit can be produced on a large scale and has high cost performance.According to different substrates, the price difference is obvious, and customers have more room to choose, which is suitable for people of all level

jUltra light and ultra-thin

KLaminate flooring reaches grade B and has higher flame retardant performance, which is safer than other kinds of wood flooring.First, low carbon and environmental protection.

NHighly recommendedhe glue content is very low.Up to European standard E level.

zJAdvantages of solid wood composite floor:

Rich colors and patterns.


Convenient installation and operation: the installation of solid wood composite floor is the same as that of laminate floor, without keel. As long as the ground is flat, the building height can be improved.In addition,SPC flooring, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, waterproof flooring, engineering flooring - Shandong Xincheng new materials Co., Ltd due to the simple installation regulations,the safety hazards caused by installation are also greatly reduced.Solid wood flooring has high environmental protection, health and comfort, and is deeply loved by many small partners.Solid wood flooring has many advantages, but the later cleaning and maintenance is very important and troublesome.How to clean and wax solid wood floor?

Home page recommendationhLook at the moisture content.

Oroll of floor paint cloth with sections shall be indicated, and the length of the roll of floor paint cloth shall be increased by at least cm (i.e. not less than two complete patterns).Generally there can only be one section for high-quality products,and the number of sections of each volume of first-class products and qualified products shall not exceed ; The length of each section of first-class products shall not be less than m, it should be visually inspected obliquely under the scattered sunlight or fluorescent lamp with the illuminance of( ± LX and LM away from the tested sample.First, observe whether there are cracks, fractures and delaminations on the surface of the floor leather. If so, it can be determined that the floor leather is unqualified.The second step is to observe whether there are wrinkle marks, bubble pollution points and pattern deformation. What cannotbe observed are excellent products and first-class products;If it is slight but not obvious, it is deemed as qualified. Go back to the third step to observe whether there are missing patterns on the surface of the floor leather and whether there are defects of the transparent wear-resistant film on the surface. If there is no, it is the first-cla ss product and the first-class product. If there is slight missing or lack of film, otherwise it is the unqualified product.Finally, carefully check whether there is deviation during multi-color overprint on the surface, whether there are color differences in different parts, whether the superior products are uneven, a nd if there are the above two defects, the first-class products are those with but not obvious and the products with obvious above defects but do not affect the overall beauty are determined as qualified products.Finally, based on the above judgme

Moisture content is one of the most important factors affecting the reliability of solid wood composite flooring. When purchasing solid wood composite flooring, consumers should know whether the moisture content of the floor meets the national industrial standards.

sMemphisSolid wood flooring is made of natural wood materials, wh

nB: I can smell faint wood fragrance. This floor shows that t

Ecological environment protection the patent of the utility model has the advantages of being conducive to installation and maintenance, and prevents the defects of strengthening the composite floor, such as high formaldehyde content standard, astringent upper feet and so on.

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