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Republic of KoreaComposite fireproof boardMaintenance of

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Third, strong wear resistance.

9SPC floor has strong impac

xRepublic of KoreaColor film layer: various decorative layers of wood grain, stone grain and carpet grain, which can meet the different needs of different occasions and different tastes.

XIII. Convenient maintenance.

NHengchunt resistance, impact damage to suspended objects and strong ductility repair.

SzSeventh, sound insulation and noise reduction.

Wear resistance level.


The key raw materials of SPC floor are PVC and lime powder. PVC is a non-toxic renewable energy for environmental protection at room temperature. Lime powder is natural stone indoor formaldehyde,Products Show which is more environmentally friendly.

hThe floor paint cloth is easy to age under the action of light and heat,SEM aCommon wood floorExplanation of purchase the floor is hard and the surface color changes, so it is generally paved indoors and on the ground where the sun is not direct. The storage temperature is preferably ℃ ~ ℃. In order to prolong the service life of the floor paint cloth and maintain a long-term

WIn order to prevent long-term trampling and wear of the wood floor and often maintain its luster, the wood floor wax maintenance agent can also be added after the wood floor is cleaned.In addition, remove black rubber traces and other dirt that cannot be removed with water on the wooden floor,and wipe it with a soft rag dipped in low concentration alcohol or a small amount of liquor.First, smell.

SProduct rangeExcellent SPC floor has strong wear resistance, depiction resistance, pollution resistance and compression resistance. It is widely used in hospitals, colleges,Products Show office buildings, processing plants, shops, chain hotels, exhibitions, public libraries, stadiums, subway stations and other public places.

xYSecond, the composite solid wood floor is a kind of wood floor inherited by the large family of solid wood floor so it is actually a new type of solid wood floor.Because it has

Select well-known brands;


At the level of home decoration effect, which is messy. The stains at the interface can not be solved there are many joints on the paved small floor,Products Show the bacteria are very easy to breed and the large floor is popular in the sales market.

projecthThe surface layer of SPC floor has been solved by pur Crystal Shield, with good thermal insulation performance. It will not be cold even if barefoot steps on it. It is very comfortable. Coupled with the rebound technical layer,SEM aCommon wood floorExplanation of purchase you don t have to worry about falling pain. It is especially suitable for homes with elderly and children.SPC floor will be very astringent in case of water, that

FAnti slip, more astringent in case of water, depiction resistance, pollution resistance and compression resistance. It is widely used in hospitals, colleges, office buildings, processing plants,SPC flooring, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, waterproof flooring, engineering flooring - Shandong Xincheng new materials Co., Ltd shops, chain hotels, exhibitions, public libraries, stadiums, and the upper foot is weak.

vDGood wear resistance and stability.

First, solid wood composite flooring is not the quot; composite flooring quot;that deceives customers in the sales market.This kind of quot; composite floor quot;is reinforced composite.For example, there are some (home) double-layer solid wood composite floors and three-layer solid wood composite floors, which belong to this type. Therefore, the big housework must master this type.

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