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San-AntonioFloor paintHow to resist Science in life

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PVC floor has ordinary floor raw materials, which can not be compared with the actual effect of sound insulation, and its sound insulation performance can reach - sound shells. Therefore, PVC floor is selected in the natural environment that must be quiet, such as hospital wards, school libraries,Products Show multi-al halls,PhiladelphiaFloor layoutWhat is the after maintenance cinemas, etc, You will no longer have to worry that the sound of high-heeled shoes and the ground will harm your logical thinking. PVC flooring can show you a more comfortable and personalized living environment.

7The double composite solid wood floor adopts double-layer solid wood pressing. It feels like pure natural wood. The installation and maintenance is very simple. It is suitable for floor heating, beautiful and generous, good reliability, and contains a small amount of indoor formaldehyde.

bSan-Antoniobeauty, daily maintenance and maintenance are also very important. First, cyclohexanone, concentrated alkaline water and other organic solvents to prevent color fading,Products Show degumming,cracking or warping of the surface. They can be wiped with detergent or detergent. They shall be cleaned with semi dry mop on weekdays to prevent dirty water from penetrating into the joint and damaging the bond.

Because SPC floor is composed of wear-resistant layer, of course, so the bathroom, restaurant,kitchen and living balcony can be used.

QChenandegaStability: completely disperse the original wood mechanism, destroy the characteristics of various wet expansion and contraction, and the specification is very stable especially for rooms with heating system.

KnFourth, high ductility and strong impact resistance.

In particular, the previous agency said that the laminate floor is a waterproof floor,Products Show which is only the surface layer. In fact, the only taboo in the application of laminate floor is small blisters.


The difference between composite floor and solid wood floor.

eThe conventional thickness is only -mm. The ultra-thin design is a bold innovation in the professional industry. The surface is printed with materials to improve the service life of people flow field. The surface imitates the real wood texture and natural marble texture. In view of the characteristics of raw materials,PhiladelphiaFloor layoutWhat is the after maintenanceit has fast heat conduction and long heat storage duration. It is the preferred floor for floor heating.

Ithe advantages of pure natural wood feeling, convenient installation and maintenance, anti-corrosion and waterproof, bacteriostasis and applicable electric heating, it has become a key fashionable floor type in European countries and has been gradually accepted by the people in China.

QinstallEasy to clean: simple, bright as a new mouth, dust-free, very easy to clean.

aUBecause SPC floor is composed of wear-resistant layer,SPC flooring, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, waterproof flooring, engineering flooring - Shandong Xincheng new materials Co., Ltd mineral rock layer powder and polymer powder, of course, it is not afraid of water. There is no need to worry about the deformation and mildew of home floor due to small blisters.The actual effect of waterproof and mildew removal is very good so the bathroom, restaurant,kitchen and living balcony can be used.

Look at the moisture content.


t building decoration materials are popular materials in family decoration at this stage.Generally speaking, floors between yuan / m and yuan / m are better.

Highly recommendedvThe cross-section of the floor is rubbed with a file to generate heat in the cross-section, and formaldehyde is fully volatilized (formaldehyde is accelerated at more than degrees and you can smell the pungent smell at the same time). At this time, you can smell, generally you can smell three different levels of smell

ZAnti slip, more astringent in case of water, not easy to fall

Defects of solid wood composite floor

bSan-Antonio: I can smell faint wood fragrance. This floor shows that t

xMHow to buy solid wood composite flooring?

SPC floor has good thermal conductivity, uniform heat discharge, small linear expansion coefficient and relatively stable.In Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other countries and regions, locking SPC floor is the preferred commodity of soil temperature and heat conduction floor,which is especially suitable for laying at home and public places, especially in the cold regions of northern China (suitable for Beijing).

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